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Easy Self-Implementation of Oracle Health & Safety

Oracle’s Health & Safety module is being offered for free by Oracle to help support Clients, and we at Cloudworks are offering a video that will allow Clients to implement Health & Safety for free, on their own schedule.  Should Clients have questions during implementation, we are happy to answer them for free.

COVID-19 Response: Improving the Speed and Accuracy of Medical Testing

Cloudworks has developed a Medical Test Requisition RPA based solution utilizing OCR to intake medical testing requisition forms. The solution separates any low confidence OCR results and flags them for a human operator, identifying hand-written text that requires manual review.

Getting your Supply Chain into the Cloud. Why Now?

With the latest cloud-based supply chain tools, Cloudworks can help you achieve real business results, not simply the implementation of new IT systems. Major advances in the power of Demand & Supply Planning tools, coupled with simple and portable Supply Chain Execution products, can truly help you achieve higher levels of customer service at lower operating costs, even in today’s turbulent times.

The Toilet Paper Supply Chain: How to use a bathroom crisis to super-charge your Supply Chain

In this webinar, Cloudworks discusses some of the fatal flaws with legacy supply chain methodologies and advice you’ve been receiving over the last decade. Learn how the power of the Cloud fundamentally changes the game and enables you to respond to the new norm.
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The Promise of SaaS Delivered? The impact of cloud-based technology on your Supply Chain

Cloudworks discusses some of the advances in supply chain execution systems allowing any business to maintain accurate visibility of the cost and availability of supply in each level in the chain. We will also discuss the value proposition of improved supply chain management, as well, as, how and why these new applications can be deployed more rapidly than the legacy on- premise versions were able to be.

The Rise of Cloud Technology in Higher Education

Cloudworks Higher Education launched a new web-series focused on Higher Education Student administrators. Webinar topics will vary from discussions around processes, new regulations, Cloud capabilities, and much more! The topics will be those that are top of mind in higher education. The higher education Cloudworks team has extensive experience working on campuses and understands the challenges that administrators face while delivering services to their students.
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