Medical Requisition Processing

The organization embarked on an automation journey to improve efficiency and accuracy of the medical requisition intake process while increasing scalability.

The organization processes a high volume of requisition forms received from clinics and healthcare institutions every day. The requisitions are then reviewed and typed manually into an internal order system. Once the requisition is saved in the system, several validations of related to the data need to be performed to ensure accuracy and completeness of the requisition.


  • The requisition forms vary and require different OCR templates
  • A handwritten text is difficult to be captured by OCR
  • The volume is thousands of requisitions daily
  • The processing is highly time-sensitive
  • Complex business logic is needed to validate requisition data accuracy


  • The paper requisition is fed into to a scanner and converted it into an electronic document
  • A custom OCR solution extracts information from the converted requisition and sends it to a UiPath Orchestrator queue
  • UiPath robot retrieves work items from the queue and validates data based on predefined business rules
  • For any data that OCR returned with low confidence or with a rule violation, the UiPath bot opens the electronic version of requisition and requests human correction, validation or an overwrite of low confidence fields
  • Once the validation is completed, the bot proceeds with data entry in the order system for further processing
  • Then bot finally stores meta-data associated with the electronic requisitions for future reference


  • 200% ROI
  • 20% FTE for each Pod
  • Significant reduction in manual effort
  • Immediate decrease in backlog
  • 80% of the requisitions that are processing manually today can be handled by the bot
  • Considerable reduction in human error
The client can now achieve the target of processing 10000 requisitions daily (instead of 5000). All requisitions entered have 100% accuracy. No rework is required.

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