Financial Services

The client wanted to automate two existing process within their financial reporting department by leveraging new RPA technology.

Account Payable Invoice Process

This project began with a review of the processes in terms of suitability for automation followed by a demonstrative POC. The client is using this project to develop in-house expertise related to RPA in order to apply to other processes to streamline various activities.
Following the POC, two processes have been selected for the RPA pilot include:

Report Comparison

Comparing annual and semi-annual financial report PDFs between the current version and the historical version, then generating a summary report if there are any discrepancies.

Report Translation

Translating annual financial PDF report from English to French.



Report Comparison

A custom coded utility is being used to read low quality/accuracy PDFs.

Report Translation

The solution approach utilizes RPA technology in conjunction with Abby FlexiCapture and Google Neural Machine Translation engine to fully translate the content of PDF documents while preserving formatting.


Client Success Stories

A Health Sciences Corporation

A Health Sciences Corporation that oversees several hospitals in Southern Ontario realized the importance of rising issues and complexity of post-go-live turbulences having a significant impact on their day-to-day operations.

Medical Requisition Processing

The organization embarked on an automation journey to improve efficiency and accuracy of the medical requisition intake process while increasing scalability.

Electric Power & Natural Gas Utility

The client has embarked on a journey to review opportunities for automation, develop an in-house centre of excellence and expertise.