Electric Power and Natural Gas Utility

The client has embarked on a journey to review opportunities for automation, develop an in-house centre of excellence and expertise, implement a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) POC and pilot for their Accounting processes.
The POC and Pilot are focused on A/P invoice processing. The A/P processes are repetitive, time-consuming, and typically require high levels of involvement from employees. As such, RPA is an excellent fit for the automation of A/P processes.

Account Payable Invoice Process

A high percentage of invoices are received electronically either by e-mail (approx. 90%) or saved directly to SharePoint (approx. 10%). E-mailed invoices are received through an AP Group address (approx. 35%) or individual employee addresses (approx. 65%).
Invoices received electronically are then scanned and manually entered into SAP along with any paper copy invoices (Records Management scans paper invoices, with an AP clerk then attaching a document number to each scanned file).


Non-standard invoicing, errors and exceptions, and missing data.
The accounts payable process was manual and cumbersome which involves capturing information from PDF invoice that is received by email and post it in SAP based on business rules.


Besides using code stage, Cloudworks optimized the existing invoice posting process and to make it more suitable for an RPA implementation.
Using ABBYY Flexicapture OCR, The UiPath Robot extracted data from incoming invoice via Microsoft Outlook email (vendor and internal SharePoint). It validated the PO number, the number of items, and the cost per item against the purchase order and goods received and post accordingly in SAP. This allowed employees to focus on higher-value processes that involved more critical thinking.


Client Success Stories

A Health Sciences Corporation

A Health Sciences Corporation that oversees several hospitals in Southern Ontario realized the importance of rising issues and complexity of post-go-live turbulences having a significant impact on their day-to-day operations.

Medical Requisition Processing

The organization embarked on an automation journey to improve efficiency and accuracy of the medical requisition intake process while increasing scalability.

Financial Services

The client wanted to automate two existing process within their financial reporting department by leveraging new RPA technology.