About Us

We Have Big 4 Capability, with a Boutique Sensibility. Our team “grew up” in the Big 4 consulting firms. It is part of our heritage and helped our team to be the top tier Consultants that we are today. However, it is refreshing to shift this experience into a more nimble mode of delivering services to our clients. We are perhaps best characterized as a “boutique firm with scale.” We provide highly specialized technical talent to deliver projects with Big 4 rigour, at a unique economic value to our Clients.

Why Work With Us


We are passionate about fostering a culture where people thrive. Our hiring process is very thorough to help ensure potential candidates are top talent, a good fit, and giving candidates a chance to understand if Cloudworks is a right fit for them too!


We strongly believe in the power of success through team work. When you work at Cloudworks, you will be an integral part of a high-performing team where all team members are accountable to each other. Together, we support but also push each other achieve great results for our clients.


Unlike many consulting companies which rely on a semi-annual or annual performance review cycle, we believe in investing in our staff through feedback which happens much more in real-time. We seek to help everyone understand and develop their strengths and capabilities, relying on an individual’s own motivations to drive results.

What We Do

Our Experienced Team: We are 100 125 people strong and counting! Our employees have diverse backgrounds and a myriad of life experience which brings together the Cloudworks collective wisdom; along with a passion for our client’s success. Our team includes professionals and leadership from the Big 4 professional services firms.
We Provide Meaningful Value: We are a Cloud certified team and top North American solution experts with deep delivery experience. As a boutique firm, we offer experienced people at a cost competitive rate. From business case development to operating model design to business transformation and system integration – we provide end to end solution services.

Meet Our Team